SafeDisc HD Technology Chosen to Protect EncyclopediaPosted December 21, 2000 EST 6:46PM by xxx

Macrovision's SafeDisc HD Technology has been chosen to market and protect the Encyclopaedia Universalis on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.
Macrovision UK Ltd., a subsidiary of Macrovision Corporation of Sunnyvale, Calif., a leading developer and supplier of copy protection and digital rights management technologies announced today that Encyclopaedia Universalis, the leading French encyclopaedia publisher, has selected Macrovision's SafeDisc HD to protect and market future editions of their products on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.

Customers have to register their copy within 30 days of purchase. They then receive a SafeDisc HD protected key disc, which has to be inserted every 30 days, or the Encyclopaedia will stop working. This registration gives Encyclopaedia Universalis an accurate database of all users.

SafeDisc HD provides a high level of protection from illegal copying. Users cannot copy the SafeDisc HD protected key disc in a CD-R writer nor can professional pirates copy it at their mastering and replication facilities.

The SafeDisc HD solution also enables Encyclopaedia Universalis to sell updates inexpensively and without risk of abuse, since updates are not provided with a new key disc. The original key disc is required to authorize the updates periodically; thus, the earlier versions of the application are worthless to someone not in possession of a key disc.
Every thirty days?? Seems like overkill if you ask me. Additional information on Macrovision Corporation and its other products, see